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photograph by Didi S. Gilson
photograph ©Didi S. Gilson

ZuperQuirk is an international collective founded in April 2008. It is a global online experiment begun by six charter members. Between them, they enjoy a supportive camaraderie. These photographers all have a similar mindset yet employ different styles and approaches to producing their images.

The eventual goal for the inaugural year is to create a new body of work, both as individuals and as a loosely-knit and far-flung organization. To further document the ongoing series, this site will highlight the group’s monthly-themed photographs available for viewing via a downloadable pdf-file (accessed by utilizing the Adobe Acrobat Reader).

This site archives up to four “outtakes” per/photographer from the monthly theme process. The photographers share an additional personal favorite photograph on a weekly basis.

UPDATE, March 2009: We will be continuing the well-liked random Weekly Photos, but also shaking up the Themed Projects… and web presentations. Thanks for staying tuned to updates to our ZQ site.

photograph by Susan C. Weber
photograph ©Susan C. Weber


  • ZuperQuirk Members
  • Didi S. Gilson is a native of NYC, living in Oz (NSW) since March 2001. Drawn to explore in an evolving style of loose formalism, she seeks out the magic in the mundane via her various projects that incorporate body language nuance, hint at possible underlying narrative and/or suggest subtle visual relationships in what’s commonplace yet also extraordinary.

    Chris Moxey: Born in Brighton, England, Chris now lives in London where she seeks inspiration from the intriguing characters that populate her landscape. She has a genuine affection for her subjects and endeavours to portray them with individuality and respect.

    Michael Ronquillo was born in Spain. His family is from the Philippines. And he was raised in South Carolina. Not one to follow convention, his photography is an eclectic, atypical vision of the people, places, and things that have found their way into his life. Within these brief, shared moments is an attempt to bridge commonalities and realizations between the cultural and the personal.

    Susan C. Weber was born and raised in Aurora, Illinois, and currently resides in Highland Park located in Los Angeles, California. Her photography captures unscripted images of life in L.A. Susan thinks these single-frame, fleeting documentaries of daily happenstance shouldn’t be overlooked or forgotten.

    photograph by Chris Moxey
    photograph ©Chris Moxey


    UPDATE, April 2010: Charter members of ZQ, we wish Joost and Michael well as they both continue work on their solo photographic endeavors.*

    * Joost Burger was born in Leiden (The Netherlands) and lives in Rotterdam. For him, image collecting is often characterized by a concept-driven, niche-istic approach and of course, his own personal fascinations.

    * Michael Cinque is a photographer living in Santa Cruz, California. Born and raised in New York, he approaches the world with a “New York School” point of view. Concentrating less on technique and even less on the “rules” of photography, Cinque attempts to make interesting observations of life’s everyday events which most people pass by without noticing.

    photograph by Michael Ronquillo
    photograph ©Michael Ronquillo

    We’ve set our site to remain free of outside commentary ~ for contact please use email: zuperquirk[at]gmail.com (where you substitute @ for [at]) ~ thanks.

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