ZQ Volume#5/6

Group Themes Five & Six ~ have been assembled into ZQ DOUBLE ISSUE pdf #5/6 .

This Double Issue consists of 2 two-photo spreads (yep, four images) representing each member appearing in the separately themed sections.


All photographs were shot September 14 – October 24, 2008.

Six Photographers with a pre-edit selection of 6 photos, further whittled by a panel for the twelve final photos that appear in this issue as a flowing narrative from around the globe.



These photographs were shot October 31 – December 10, 2008.

Six Photographers with a pre-edit selection of 6 photos, further culled into one personal choice & each individual’s photo-buddy editor’s swap as well to make up the 12 photos/ 6 pair spreads.

ZuperQuirk member-buddies for this photo-edit swap were:

Susan C. Weber / Didi S. Gilson
Michael Cinque / Michael Ronquillo
Chris Moxey / Joost Burger

Special mention & appreciative thanks to Chiali Tsai, our first Guest Artist, who created superb cover artwork and page icons. Her upbeat attachment to our Air of Detachment adds zing!


To guard its sequential integrity & inherent design, the Double Issue for these projects can be downloaded, in its entirety, as a pdf file for viewing purposes only.

All ZQ zines can be viewed as single pages, as facing spreads (as you’d read a periodical), or in continuous mode. You can switch between varied viewing experiences at your own desktop.

Download ZQ#5/6 HERE… it’s best to right-click the link and choose ‘Save As’…

After downloading and unzipping on your computer, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view ~ available HERE

The Outtake Photos from both themes are also on our site HERE

Along with the eventual pdf-pairs, chosen photos for the Continuity issue are also displayed in an online presentation: CLICK HERE FOR SLIDE PRESENTATION opening in a new window.

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